5D Ascension Support for Awakening Starseeds, Healers, Psychics & Light Warriors on a Mission to Heal the Planet

Do You Struggle Being in this 3D Reality?

» Are you having difficulty being in the human body you were born into?

» Do you gaze up at the night sky, believing you belong there rather than here?

» Is it time to clarify your why you are here, your purpose, and how you can serve your highest potential?

» Do you find yourself extermely overwhelmed with various energies around you?

» Do you find that you don't really relate to other people nor do they relate to you?

» Are your psychic or healing channels really open, and wondering what to do with them?

For Light Warriors Searching For Certainty

Access Higher Guidance

Receive messages from your guides including Star Councils, Ascended Masters and Archangels.

Clarify Your Purpose

Gain clarity on why you are here on this planet. Make sense of your life path and cosmic plan.

Fulfill Your Mission

Clearing, activation & support as you journey more powerfully towards fulling your highest purpose.

Watch: Mini-Webinar on the Very REAL Challenges Starseeds Face

In this video: Signs that you are a Starseed. The challenges Starseeds face. Healing and the Starseed mission.

What Starseed360 Is All About

Consider this...

  • If you believe in past lives, who’s to say that all our past lives were only lived on this planet?
  • When it comes to the journey of the soul, who’s to say that our soul hasn’t taken on other forms in these other realms, galaxies, or dimensions?
  • Who’s to say that these extraordinary abilities of teleportation, for example, aren’t normal in these other realms?

Many Starseeds have already lived multiple lifetimes with these abilities. Many have lived these lifetimes in multiple other realms, galaxies, star systems, or other dimensions. In these other realms of existence, these Starseeds do what we are unable to in the Earthly plane of existence. Examples of this include teleportation, telepathy, bi-location, and telekinesis.

In these other realms, galaxies and star systems, there already is a Unity Consciousness that Earth is in the process of ascending towards. Since many Starseeds already have lifetimes of experiencing this Unity Consciousness, many of Starseeds come to this planet to help with Mother Gaia's awakening to 5D and beyond.

Many come from star systems and dimensional realities such as: Andromeda, Antares, Arcturus, Lyra, Pleiades, and Sirius just to name a few. Many Starseeds on Earth are slowly starting to remember their Starseed origins.

In my channeling work, many of the collective beings I come into contact with are are assisting with this awakening. From the messages I've received, many on this planet already have the 5D and above levels of awareness.

Here’s why it is tough for Starseeds here in this Earthly plane: It's one thing to have 5D and above awareness. It's another thing, however, to live in a denser 3D and 4D existence.

Imagine being able to teleport to anywhere, or speak telepathically. You get your results in an instant. However, in our realm of existence, we have to deal with space and time. What this means is rather than teleport somewhere, we have to drive for hours. Rather than telepath, we actually need to speak to each other. We have to learn to communicate thoughts and feelings.

Oh what an inconvenience!

In other words, this dimension is way too slow, way too thick, and way too suffocating compared to where we came from originally. Rather than move more fluidly and seamlessly, we have a HUMAN BODY to contend with. This human body feels extremely limiting to the Starseed.

Many Starseeds before they awaken to their true nature may often just hate living in their human vessel altogether.

Starseed360 came about to help the struggling Starseed. You already know, you already feel this:

Staying stuck, hating the body, and feeling unfulfilled is no longer an option!

Our purpose is to help Starseeds across the planet like you:

  • Access the higher guidance you seek
  • Clarify your life purpose
  • Clear any blocks to fulfilling your mission

We are also here because we know that when even one Starseed awakens to their gifts, the effect of the healing ripples through all space and time and through all of consciousness.

All told, when a Starseed shines, not only does Mother Gaia benefit - the whole Universe benefits.


A Message From Starseed Channel Joe

Dear Light Ones,

My name is Joe Gacoscos, Starseed channel, clairvoyant healer, teacher, globally broadcasted radio show host, and best-selling author of Journey of the Awakened Psychic: 10 Steps to Harnessing Your Psychic Gifts.

It's hard to be human sometimes, isn't it?

If you feel like your journey and your energetic experiences affect your ability to function normally in life, you've come to the right place to totally transform all that.

  • Are you ready to break free and explore your true purpose?
  • Are you ready to get unstuck and make sense of your life now?
  • Are you ready to connect with your star origins and your soul's original mission?

I provide individualized channeling sessions catered to you:

I connect with a whole host of guides, star system collectives, multi-dimensional consciousnesses, Archangels and Ascended Masters. Sometimes even loved ones come through during these sessions.

When you come into a session, the energy is set so that the right guidance you need now comes through. Many report right time, right place and just what they needed to hear when it comes to these very healing channeling sessions.

Sessions are all by Zoom video, phone or Skype. You may record your session so you can listen to the messages again in the future.

What Others Are Saying

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How much is staying stuck costing you? How much longer are you willing to remain unclear about your next steps? How long can you stay being unfulfilled, uncertain, and overwhelmed by your abilities? How many people are missing out on the help and healing that only you can potentially provide them? A lack of clarity may be costing you more than just remaining in the status quo of uncertainty.

Mini Reading

$125.00 30 Minutes
  • When when you need a quick "Hello"
  • Great for maintenance
  • Does not include channeling

Clairvoyant Reading & Healing

$150.00 60 Minutes
  • An in-depth clairvoyant reading
  • Includes aura and chakra healing
  • Does not include channeling

Deep Transformation Life Path Channeling & Healing

$225.00 90 Minutes
  • Joe goes in a deeper state of trance to channel your guides
  • Access messages from Star Councils, Light Masters, Archangles and Ascended Masters
  • Also includes in depth aura and chakra healing


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